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rpswithinrps's Journal

RPs Within RPs
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Hello, hello! Welcome to RPs within RPs! I suppose the first thing that needs saying is just what IS this comm about?

It’s an RP comm, but with a twist. Everyone MUST make a journal for his or her character and update it as if you were THAT char. RPs will be held on AIM or any other chat service you have; chat RPs will be posted in the main comm for all to see.

Another RP feather is a char can start a post in the main community, and others can join in. An example: ‘_____ goes to the mall.’ The person types up what their character's doing, and then the others can get involved.

If a person only wants a certain person or fandom to join, then they say so in the subject line.

I know this all seems a bit... confusing. I mean, how would Yu-Gi-Oh players interact with ninjas, for example? Or cat girls with samurais? To be honest, the plot's a tad vague and messy, but it has no real set times-- it’s just to have some good fun!

Also, it isn't just for ANIME, you can join as ANY animated fandom, from Naruto to X-Men! [Gorillaz the ANIMATED band is also acceptable] Think of it as all fandoms merged into one place.

If you have any questions, email me: bumblebee_starscream@yahoo.co.uk

And then we have... the rules!


- Yaoi/Yuri/Het ALL accepted, so no bashing or flaming. If you don’t want your character to end up in a same sex (or any) relationship, say so in your character's journal as ‘NON YAOI’ or such and such.

- ALL RPs chat logs and other will be put under an LJ cut.

- Smut/R rated stuff IS allowed.

- Two characters only per person.

- No character player bashing.

- You must post at least ONCE a week in your character's journal. If you fail to do this, then your character will be put up for grab once more, unless you state in an OOC [out of character] post that you won't be able to post.

- No god modding: you can’t move another person’s char without their permission.

- No know-it-all's or spelling Nazis.

- To join, just fill in the small form and post here: http://community.livejournal.com/rpswithinrps/288.html

++ The Form ++
Copy and paste what's in the box to the link above!


Ai Yori Aoshi
Tina Foster: hangovertina

Ishida Uryuu: superior_quincy

Dark: dm_dark
Niwa Daisuke: kawaii_daisuke

Ed, Edd, n Eddy
Edd/Double D: bug_collector

Eyeshield 21
Shozo Toganou: ha_ha_toganou

Fullmetal Alchemist
Ed: cowjuice_sucks
Winry Rockbell: dntdissautomail

Furi Kuri
Haruko HaruHara: seethisbass

King Of Bandits Jing
Jing: 5thshot

Mai HiME
Nao Yuuki: julia_nao

Gaara: gaaraxlove
Neji: native_neji
Sasuke: badarse_sasuke
Kakashi: slash_eye
Kabuto: oto_spy
Orochimaru: scionofmanda
Kankurou: puppetvirtuoso
Ino: yamanakagirl

One Piece
Sanji: lovexchef
Zoro: mr_marimo
Luffy: kaizoku_luffy
Robin: books_robin

Outlaw Star

Ranma ½
Ryoga Hibiki: lost_hibiki

Rurouni Kenshin
Kamiya Kaoru:

Teen Titans
Robin: relentlessvalor

X-Men: Evolution
Toad/Todd: xxxtoadxxx
Nightcrawler/Kurt: rattyplushtoy
Avalance/Lance: rocknroll_lance

Yami no Matsuei
Kurosaki Hisoka: