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-Martial Arts Tournament-

Hello everyone, Tina and Kurt's player here. ^^

Raine and I were talking about how the fighting rounds were actually going to work and how to keep things fair. We came up with this idea:

We're going to use simple trivia questions and YOU, the members, will decide who will win each round. Confused? Don't worry; I'll break it down for you guys. ^^ There shall be about 4 questions each about the two fandoms fighting that everyone shall answer along with two random anime questions. You will post your answers to a screened post along with who *you* want to win. You will only have about 2 days or so to answer them but the questions shouldn't be uber hard or anything like that. This should keep things fair and involve all our members at the same time. :-)

Still confused? Tell me and I'll try and make it more clear for you!

-Martial Arts Tournament-
Notices were posted all over the town and in the schools about an up coming tournament. All ages and genders were allowed to compete. There were rules but for the most part it was an all out all fight. The man who owned the dojo was a little rough around the edges no one knew if it came from his age or he had always been a little too accepting of violence in combat.

Either way.

Outside the peaceful dojo a large board was stationed on it was a large list and pen saying ‘SIGN UPS’ And to entice the youth of the town to participate in such a game there was to be a large prize, a large cash sum.

The signs up begin today.</lj>
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