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Jing and Kir hit the scene [Town]

Any one can post

Jing hummed to himself contently as he walked down the street, this place was far more modern then any place he had been to before, in fact there wasn’t many known facts about it… He pushed his hands into his pockets and smiled softly, the weather was nice maybe they’d stay here for awhile.

“Man Jing why did we even come here? I haven’t seen –any- hot girls yet, you sure we aren’t the only ones here?” Kir said huffing a little puffing his ebony feathers out in annoyance.

Jing gave a chuckle and looked at his friend. “I’m sure there’s plenty of pretty girls we’ve only just got here Kir”

Kir just mumbled to himself and hopped from the teenagers shoulder and flapped his wings flying ahead, he could hear the sounds of… people? Well then they weren’t the only ones here..
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