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AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko was riding her vespa down the street. She looked to her right, noticing a school had just let out. She skidded to a halt, recognizing Todd. "What's up, kid?"
FunkyFunky Usopp: He had his hands buried in his pockets as he walked out.. he blinked and heard someone calling... was that the crazy chick from the journal place. "Uh not alot, yo... an you?" he blinekd a little.. was she really a stalker?
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko puts her foot down on the ground to steady the bike and smirks. "Relax, kid, I'm just passing by." Suddenly, she gets an idea. "Hey, you want to take me up on that offer of sake?"
FunkyFunky Usopp: The pale teenager looked up at the mention of that. "Sure but I ain't got any cash on me" he said with a simple shurg.. man Lance would love her bike....
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko grins and shrugs one shoulder. "That's cool. I actually already HAVE sake." She pats the back of her bike. "Hop on. We'll go to Takkun's."
FunkyFunky Usopp: He eyed the bike a little thent he girl. "I dunno man..." he shurged, what the hell, he climbed aboard. "Not ridden one of these before"
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko gives a little bark of laughter and gives the engine a revv. "You'll LOVE it." With that, she starts cackling and they speed down the street WAY over the speed limit.
FunkyFunky Usopp: Todd let out a surprised sheerk and clung to her, he was oddly reminded of Boom Boom right now... he shut his eyes, at least shje was a better driver,
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko grinned at the shriek (She LOVED hearing boys scream like girls) and took a corner so sharply a cat on the opposite sidewalk hissed. In no time, they were at Takkun's house. She kicked the bike's kickstand down. "I live and work here." She hopped off the bike and started up the walk. "Coming?"
FunkyFunky Usopp: Todd rubbed his head as he got off the bike.. he was a bit dizzy. "Never again, yo.. never again" he looked at where she ment.. it looked nice.. "Beats the brotherhood I guess" he said and nodded. "Yeah.. this is where I go in an' summit gets me with a chainsaw" he said with a small shurg.
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko laughed again. "The only thing you're going to get attacked with in this stupid shop is day-old bread." She proceeds to demonstrate by throwing a loaf at him.
FunkyFunky Usopp: Without thinking his reactions hit in and he hopped out the way and clung to the door frame. "Man your crazy whatch where you chuckin' that thing!"
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko tilts her head to the side, looking at him clinging to the door frame. "If I wasn't an alien, I would think that was really weird." Opening the door, she steps into the kitchen, where Canti is making more bread. "This is Canti. He's a robot. He's an idiot. And all he can really do is what we tell him to." She walks over to the cupboard, stands on her toes, and tries to reach the sake. Giving up, she sighs. "Yo, frog-boy, wanna give me a hand?"
FunkyFunky Usopp: Todd raised an eyebrow and hopped back down following her into the kitchin. "An alien? if I wasn't a mutant I'd think that was crazy, yo" he looked at what she wanted to get and nodded. "I ain't no frog-boy, I'm Toad" he said in a matter of facly tone before using his tounge to retrive the bottle.
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko ignores the fact that he used his tongue to get the bottle, and proceeds to pour a bowl of it for him and for herself. "Like a toad is really better. They give people warts." She raises her gloved hands. "S'why I wear gloves all the time. Don't have to touch too many slimy things." She nods in Canti's direction. "Like when that guy swallows Takkun and regurgitates him. It's twisted."
FunkyFunky Usopp: "Pft I don't give people warts" he said in his defence then heard what she said.. "I'm still half expecting to be cut up into little pieces now...ya sure you don't own a hocky mask?" Todd itched his head a little and took the small bowl. "Man.. this stinks.."
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko plops down on the kitchen floor, making it seem she had every intention to stay there. Pulling her goggles down over her eyes, she grins and says, "I got these. They're just as good." She sips the sake. "Try it. It's good. It'll make you feel like you're flying."
FunkyFunky Usopp: "Well ok" what the hell? what was the worst thing that could happen? he downed a bit, BIG mistake, he coughed a little and flet a sudden rush. "jesus! this stuffs like abttery acid yo!"
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko smiles. "I said it's good ... not that it TASTES good. After about two bowls of this, you'll feel ... what's that word? That means really happy? Oh, yeah. EUPHORIC."
FunkyFunky Usopp: The young mutant looked abck at the drink.. it really did taste like crap.. he did like the warm feleing it gave him and he already had a slight blush on his cheeks.... he shurged and downed it, wincing when it hit, he hicuped and coughed again. "I'm shocked I anit breathin' fire by now"
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko smiled at his increasingly rosy face. "You've never had anything like this before, have you?"
FunkyFunky Usopp: He shook hsi head. "Nah, I'm 17 for a start and none of us at the brotherhood ever got much cash on us" he said and rubbied his head.. whyw as he feleing gorggy.
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko sets her bowl down and crosses her legs, watching him in case he should pass out. "What's this brotherhood deal you keep talking about?"
FunkyFunky Usopp: He hiccuped and let out a slightly girly giggle. "It's the place I live , yo" he said with another shurg and tried to steady himself.
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko smiles at the giggle. This is getting better and better. "Why is it called 'The brotherhood'? It sounds so official and important. Something too big for a kid like you."
FunkyFunky Usopp: "I ain't a kid" he said and wobbled a little sitting on the floor. "It ain't importent really... just a place people like em stay...I guess it's called the brotherhood cus we're all guys?" he shurged a little. "Oh.. we have Wanda... she's great"
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko smiles, but decides not to argue with him about being a kid. "Wanda, huh? Is she your giiiiirlfriend?"
FunkyFunky Usopp: Another small giggle. "Naw she ain't.. I like her though but she hates me" he shurged,
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko puts a hand on his head. "Now how could anyone hate such a charming fellow as you?" She falls across his lap, looking up into his face. "Did you buy her anything?"
FunkyFunky Usopp: "Heh yeah I am charmin' ain't I.." he said and rubbed hsi head again, he felt so flushed.. tht stuff was strong.. "No.. I mean I could teal summit pretty for her but she ain't like that ya know?" he shurged and looked down at her.
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko smiles and touches his cheek. "You seem clever enough. Take her somewhere special." She stretches, arching over his lap and does a flip up to her feet. "SURPRISE her." She giggles, feeling a littly woozy, from the drink as much as from the flip. "Takkun's wife is always under that damn bridge. You'd think it'd be more romantic to hang out on the bridge, kissing and cuddling and making strangers uncomfortable.
FunkyFunky Usopp: Todd wasn't sure if he was blushing from non negative contact with another human or from the drink... more the liekly a bit of both.. "Maybe I will... but man.. she really hates me" he shurged a little and tried to stand hismelf before falling back on his bottom.
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko was getting dizzy herself and, knowing how far gone he was, intentionally fell on top of him. Wrapping her arms around his middle, she said, "Maybe she doesn't hate you. Lots of girls play hard to get."
FunkyFunky Usopp: Todd blinked and felt the sudden extra weight form the girl and looked up.. he wasn't sure what to do.. he sqiurmed our of her grasp a little. "Heh if chucking me against the wall's playin' hard to get she must realllly want me" another burp as he leaned back a little.
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko leaned up to look at him, her chin on his stomach. "You damn super-powered kids. You make life so damn complicated."
FunkyFunky Usopp: He rubbed the back of his neck. "I guess so.. " he said and looked back down at her. "... I'm gunna have sucha headache tomorrow I can tell.." he said and rubbed his eyes. "got any more?"
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko grins and sits back on her heels. "That's enough for you for today, baby. You'll be so trashed, your head'll swim with the stuff if you have anymore." She put a hand to his cheek. "The warm face is a good look for you though; you should drink more often."
FunkyFunky Usopp: He blinked and put a webbed hand to his cheek and felt the flush. "Man I must look like I walked through the underwear depo of a store..." he rubbed his cheek a little.
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko grinned and fell back onto her butt. "If you lived here, it'd be the next best thing. I walk around in my underwear half the time." Just then, a fat black cat walked into the kitchen and mewed loudly. Haruko picked it up and cooed at it, cuddling it, and asked it, "Isn't Todd-y just the cutest thing?"
FunkyFunky Usopp: Todd sat up a little and watched the girl witht he cat..at least,, hats what he thought it was... "Pft your like the only one that thinks that yo, and thats cus you've had summit to drink" he stood up and leaned againstt he counter.
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko fell back to lay on the floor, looking up at him through half-lowered eyelids, the cat on her chest. "I wouldn't have invited you here in the first place if I didn't think that, Toddy."
FunkyFunky Usopp: "You gunan stay on the floor?" he asked, she was by far the oddest person he'd ever met... then again.. she was alot like Boom Boom..
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko smirked. "Wanna join me?
FunkyFunky Usopp: "Man if I get back down there I wont be able to get up.. and besides, I gotta get going soon"
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko slid up into a sitting position and the cat bounced away ... literally, bounced. "That's too bad." She stretched. "I was having so much fun, Todd-y." She stood up slowly, wavering back and forth in her drunkenness, mumbling, "Fuck. I can't drive."
FunkyFunky Usopp: He hicuped a little and looked up.. he saw a fly.... he shurged and his tounge dsrted out and calught it. "Eh.. I can try find my way home I guess.. and yeah it's been pretty ok yo"
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko watched in fascination as he caught the fly. "I bet that tongue can do a lot of things, huh?"
FunkyFunky Usopp: He nodded. "Yeah it's pretty use- waitaminute.." he said frownign a little.
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko grinned at his realization of what she meant, and stuck out her tongue ... not really at him, but trying to test how long it was. "I wish I could do that," she mumbled, her tongue still out of her mouth.
FunkyFunky Usopp: Todd poked hsi out and watched how long it went. "It helps, not a great power though"
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko's jaw dropped. "Are you kidding? It's an awesome power. I'd rather have a useful tongue than ... like ... laser-vision or something. Anyday."
FunkyFunky Usopp: "Guess so" he said with a grin "Yeah it's pretty cool.. but you'd prob use it for something...wrong"
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko smirked, crossing her arms over her chest, and proceeded to purr-talk, edging along the counter closer to him. "It's not wrong if you liiiiike it. And just by your red face, I know you like thinking about it."
FunkyFunky Usopp: He stuttered a little. "what? no! it's the drink I swear!" he protested.
AlchemistOnSpeed: Haruko smiled, hugging him tight enough to break rib. "I don't believe you."
FunkyFunky Usopp: Todd gasped at the sudden hug..yeah she was just like boomboom.. he flushed a bit more. "H-hey lemme go, yo"
AlchemistOnSpeed: "Why?" she purred into his ear.
FunkyFunky Usopp: He shivred a little not sure of a good excuse. "I...need the batthroom."

(OOC: We assume that Todd took off for home after making an excuse. XD)
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