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RPs Within RPs' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
RPs Within RPs

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[31 Oct 2006|11:55am]

Hey, all, just wanted to let you know that Kakashi is dropping out of rpswithinrps. I haven't been contributing much, and I feel like I'm just being a drag on everyone. ^^:;; So, um, please remove slash_eye from your friends list, and it's been great fun RP-ing with everyone!
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[01 Jun 2006|08:10pm]

Hey guys,

I'm just dropping in to say, I'm gonna drop Sasuke and Gene. I'm roleplaying as too many people at the moment and I don't have much fun roleplaying these two.

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Daisuke and Dark [26 May 2006|04:55am]

Dark and Daisuke reuniteCollapse )
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Hi everyone! [22 May 2006|03:45pm]

This is Daisuke and Hisoka! I was sent by Kankuro and Orochimaru to tell you that she will not be able to post for a little while. If you're a member of ninja RPG you'll know why. ^__^

Also, I would like to say I will not be here this weekend as I'll be at con. ^__^ See you when I get back!
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MODNESS [17 May 2006|07:56am]

Ok all those of you who are STILL RPing please comment.

Sorry I've been dead as of late, life problems. thank u <3
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[11 May 2006|03:13pm]

Dark reporting in here! *waves* Heh... Well just to inform that I am your Dark, *whispers, getting uncomfortably close to some random girl* and secretly your Gaara ^_~ *wink, smile* later!
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[07 May 2006|07:36pm]

Toganou sat in the bar, at this time of day it was usually quiet. Usually him, Juumonji and Kuroki would get cheap booze from here, when they had nowhere else to go that is. The waitresses knew them here, and sometimes even gave them free drink.

"Ah! Toganou-kun, good to see you! I see your not with Juumonji or Kuroki today. Are they ill?" the waitress smiled at him, Toganou just yawned. "They aint been around."

The waitress poured him a drink and went to serve another customer, Toganou took a sip, it was quite sweet, he sighed. "Bored, why isn't there anything to do around here?" he complained, pulling out his copy of Jump and flicking through the pages, not taking notice of the people around him.
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Open thread. [06 May 2006|04:26pm]

Sasuke stared at his coffee, sitting back in his chair. He looked around the small starbucks, watching people casually walk in and out, talking quietly. He had finished his training an hour ago, leaving him wit hthe rest of the evening to himself. That is, if the fangirls didn't see him. Especially Sakura or Ino. He finished his coffee, disgust evident from the taste of the coffee. He had always disliked coffee, but it kept him awake. Getting up, he made his way to walk out of Starbucks when he saw someone familiar.
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[06 May 2006|03:50pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]


I'm Ellie but you can call me Yuki ^_~

Nice to meet ya people~

I'm Sasuke from Naruto and Gene from outlaw star, journals:


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New people [05 May 2006|02:15am]

Please friend these:

5thshot = Jing
rocknroll_lance = Lance

thank u~
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-Martial Arts Tournament- [04 May 2006|09:12pm]

Hello everyone, Tina and Kurt's player here. ^^

Raine and I were talking about how the fighting rounds were actually going to work and how to keep things fair. We came up with this idea:

We're going to use simple trivia questions and YOU, the members, will decide who will win each round. Confused? Don't worry; I'll break it down for you guys. ^^ There shall be about 4 questions each about the two fandoms fighting that everyone shall answer along with two random anime questions. You will post your answers to a screened post along with who *you* want to win. You will only have about 2 days or so to answer them but the questions shouldn't be uber hard or anything like that. This should keep things fair and involve all our members at the same time. :-)

Still confused? Tell me and I'll try and make it more clear for you!

Read more...Collapse )
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JOIN THIS OR ELSE [04 May 2006|08:52pm]

Its to save the com being clogged up with OOC posts. anything ooc or just wanna chat, then please post here.


thank u <3
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Jing and Kir hit the scene [Town] [04 May 2006|06:38pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Any one can post

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Open to anyone in the park.. [04 May 2006|12:14pm]

Tina walked out from her hotel and spotted a park nearby. The blond gave a gleeful grin and made sure her camera was set up properly before making her way over. Being out in the open always put her in a good mood. Spotting a small rabbit Tina brought her camera up and started to back up to get a good shot. She had only taken a few steps before she had collided with someone. Tina whirled around to see who she had ran into this time.

"Ah I'm so sorry! I wasn't watching what I was doing!" Tina laughed nervously and offered her hand to the person.
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Todd/Toad up to no good [School] [Open to anyone] [04 May 2006|05:21pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

All ways up to -something-

Read more...Collapse )

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Change [04 May 2006|05:19pm]

I have given up Usopp from One Piece and taken up Jing form King Of Bandits Jing
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ATTENTION: Mod news [04 May 2006|02:41pm]

It's me again =D aren't you all happy to hear from me so soon? what's that? YES? good =D

Ok we will be adding PLACES to the rp. Basicly I'll list the places there are in this world for people to interact with/at. If you want to start a posting rp in the main com its as simple as

'Person' ;what their doing; in [SCHOOL] or something.

If we get enough people from age 14-18 [char wise] we can even have school lessons.

Older chars can apply for 'jobs' in certain places.

Anyway who's down with that idea?

If theres a place you want me to add thats nto already added then post here. I don't want to get any more then 20 places right now. If you want to be in the school or have a job somewhere please post. Jobs are a 1st come 1st served basis.


Public Libary
Town [stores, resteraunts etc etc]

Any where else anyone would like to add?
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MOD NOTE: [04 May 2006|08:32am]

Is everyone having a good time? sorry things have been a tad slow as of late, its due to personal things. I'll be adding up some interactive rps on the main com to get things going too.

If you haven't made journals for your chars youn will be removed from the list by sunday. thank you <3

ALSO: Please cheak the bio page, if i've missed you just yell =3
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[01 May 2006|12:23am]
[ mood | tired ]

Haruko (AlchemistOnSpeed) and 'Todd-y' (FunkFunky Usopp) have a 'party'!Collapse )

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[30 Apr 2006|11:50am]

[ mood | complacent ]

Okay, my spanish galleons, I think I'm updated with everyone who's given me a journal. However, I need for either journals to be created or the names for: (It's possible I just missed it, but that thread is giant, so forgive me)

-Ishida Uryuu (Bleach)
-Dark (DNAngel)
-Niwa Daisuke (DNAngel)
-Gaara (Naruto)
-Luffy (One Piece)
-Gene (Outlaw Star)

So yes, apologies if you've posted it and I just didn't see, but I think this is easier, hmm?

And just a reminder, all AIM interactions between characters, no matter how small and/or insignificant, need to be posted!

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